Absolutely the best around. Compassionate and knowledgeable staff. Best service, prices, and all the products are in very good working condition. Stop on in and see for yourself. Supporting a small business, is supporting a BIG DREAM!!!

Adam C.

Very professional and kind. Most of all trustworthy. These guy's will be honest.

Eric E.

Probably the best pawn shop in Flint. All sorts of goodies in there, very organized, and relaxing to browse around. Staff is always friendly and available for questions. In short make this your first stop if you are looking for something or need to pawn something for some good ole American greenbacks! Support small business!

Craig P.

Nice place to shop friendly staff

Steven L.

Best pawn guys you'll ever meet. Best in help. Best in service.

Oscar D.

They will work with you they are better than the other shops around town.

Matt Z.

Literally the best pawnshop I've ever been to.

Coh J.

Friendly knowledgeable service I've never had a bad experience with a place.

Terry G.

This place is cool.... the people that work there can be trusted I have been going here for 2yrs. never had one problem.

Greg W.

This is a place that is clean and very well organized. I recommend everyone come here.

John S.

I like this pawnshop haven't been going to it very long but they seem to give good prices on stuff you pawn here unlike the other pawnshops I have went to.

Kelli W.

No issues good people to work with on shop I'll go back to.

Sean G.

Never had a issue always friendly and good people.

Donald F.

Folks there are nice and respectful. Worked with me on a few things.

Norm R.

Love this place, the guys there are amazing, friendly and helpful.

Kristin O.